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"More Strength Through More Truth"

(Where your "need to know" is expanded to include your personal "want to know.")

Support for military communicators from outside the military is the goal here.

You are too busy to make time to get all the information you need.

That why this site exists: To fill that need.

As supportive as the military is for its personnel, it cannot do it all. The reasons are clear.

  1. The military has its own interest. It goes beyond what you need individually.
  2. The military cannot give you an outside perspective. Those with greater experience and experience outside the military are aware of other possiblities.
  3. The military is not the only group that wants to support you.
This site is not anti-military. Rather, it is pro-military communicator.
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This website is independent from DINFOS (The Defense Information School), national militaries and governments.


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